New markets open to Diasen innovative technology

With a new image the company gain new spaces in global construction market.

During last year Diasen has developed some initiatives to renew its image. A new logo, much more effective and attractive, along with a new pay-off "Improve your building" which clearly expresses the core value of the company.

The new advertising campaign has given a significant change in Diasen image, emphasizing the authority and value added. With these new incentives Diasen attended with good results and excellent affluence of visitors many international fairs in Europe and worldwide.

The goal is not only commercial and communicative, ie to know the company and the Diasen supply, but also to understand the needs of all customers, in order to respond promptly, efficiently and accurately to the various needs, adapting to different construction methods of the countries with which Diasen are in relation. This demonstrates the strong propensity for direct contact with partners, whether they are customers, suppliers or stakeholders as well as the desire to acquire useful information and to make a more complete and detailed offer as the market requires.

Diasen believes in trade fair event and exhibitions around the world have confirmed its choices.
Last year, the company has participated for the first time with success at the BAU MUNICH, at ECOBUILD LONDON , and at BIG5 SAUDI of Jeddah; while at the BIG 5 SHOW of DUBAI, at ECOBAT MARSEILLE, at BATIMAT in PARIS and at CONSTRUMAT BARCELONA Diasen has enlarged its space, offering a larger and more functional stand.
In this year 2012, Diasen will confirm its presence to the most important national and international exhibitions and faies in the construction sector.
The wide participation to the most significant exhibitions in its sector denotes the Diasen spirit , strongly directed to an active presence on the international stage through which to promote its innovative technology and create fertile ground to listen, monitor and collect new challenges for the future.