Lava Mae Project "Mobile Showers For The Homeless"

Diasen provided its thermal anti condensation paint C.W.C. Stop Condense for the Lava Mae project “Mobile Showers for the Homeless”, which involves the retrofitting of old MUNI buses in San Francisco.

Our company is proud to announce the support to the Lava Mae project “Mobile Showers for the Homeless”.

Lava Mae seeks to solve a small piece of what the United Nations and World Health Organization define as, and Lava Mae believes is, a basic human right: access to water and sanitation.

This is Lava Mae’s charge: provide sanitation, assist in deterring potential public health problems, and perhaps most critically, provide a much needed service to help a population struggling to retain a sense of dignity and self worth.

The idea came from Lava Mae’s founder Dionece Sandoval. She has been working towards this since the idea to turn old MUNI buses in San Francisco into shower trucks for the homeless first struck her over two years ago.
The city of San Francisco donated four retired buses to Lava Mae, with the goal of retrofitting many other.
Retrofitting the buses means adding two shower “suites,” one of which is accessible for the disabled. Each has a shower, toilet, sink and hair dryer. For water, Lava Mae hooks up to city fire hydrants at each location and uses an on-board water heater.

The goal of the project is to expand the idea across the globe - from Singapore to Sao Paulo, LA to Atlanta - to create a Lava Mae for their community.