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  • Diathonite Evolution - Cork Thermal Plaster

    The first thermal plaster, based on cork and NHL 3.5. Diathonite Evolution, thanks to its thermal conductivity λ = 0,045 W/mK is the most performing thermal plaster on the market. To be use for thermal insulation and energy retrofit.

  • Diathonite Deumix - Thermal Dehumidifying Plaster

    Diathonite Deumix is an eco-friendly dehumidifying plaster that restores rising damp and at the same time acts as thermal insulation, for an aesthetic and functional restoration of masonry. Made of cork and NHL 5.

  • Diathonite Acoustix - Sound Absorbing Plaster

    Diathonite Acoustix is a sound absorbing plaster, based on cork and NHL 3.5, able to absorb 70% of sound wave. For the acoustic correction and for sound proofing intervention.

    N.R.C. = 0,60

  • The ultimate protection from water

    100% water based, resistant and elastic products, to waterproof and protect balconies, terraces, swimming pools, tanks, roofs, foundations, basements and underground walls and rooms. Both in negative and positive pressure.

  • Sport Flooring Solutions

    Diasen offers a full range of sport flooring systems, made with 100% water based resins, for professional or multipurpose surfaces, for many different kind of sports, both indoor and outdoor. Certified ITF 2, ITF 3 and ITF 5 systems.

Diathonite Cork Render: cork-based finishing coat

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