From The Garden House

From The Garden House


KWK Promes

Company executor

Edildomus Italia

Time of realization

2 years





"From The Garden House" is a project located in Laka, Poland, born from the architectural idea of Robert Konieczny who directs the KWK Promes studio. Laka literally means lawn, the main component of the 2.5 hectares of garden surrounding the 2000 square meter structure. The peculiarity of "From the Garden House" project is that it was the structure that had to adapt to the landscape shapes of the existing garden, and not vice versa. In fact, the construction of the garden was commissioned at the beginning of 2009, when the structure was not planned yet.
Diasen, with its cork-based thermal finish Diathonite Cork Render and the water-repellent BKK Eco, helped to shape the client's wishes and habits. In September 2020, the project was published in the architectural famous magazine The Plan.