Frasassi Caves

Frasassi Caves


Frasassi consortium

Time of realization

1 week





This particular project has been realised in Frasassi Caves, close to Genga town (AN).The walkways for visitors transit inside the cave, made ??of concrete slabs cast directly on the surface of the rocky caves, after some time were inevitably affected by problems of rising dampness, which made the surface slippery and therefore dangerous for the tourists of the cave site.

The aim of the intervention was therefore to create an encapsulating coating for rising dampness, representing at the same time a non-slipping surface on which visitors could walk safely. Thus it was applied the epoxy-cement waterproofing product WATstop. This material can produce a continuous and uniform layer able to resist up to 9.5 ATM both in positive and negative pressure. Application was by spatula over the entire surface of the walkways, and after that it was applied a layer of large coarse quartz.

Once WATstop layer was completely dry, quartz in excess has been removed, realising in this way a totally waterproofed and anti-sliding surface.