Polites Mat

Flexible mesh made of chopped strand to be used, in combination with liquid waterproofing, for the treatment of critical points. 


0.225 kg/m²

It is recommended to consider at least an overlapping of 3 cm. 

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Roll dimensions  1.25 m X 170 m
Single roll area: 212.5 m2
Single roll weight: 48 kg

Polites Mat is a highly flexible mesh consisting of randomly distributed chopped strand held together with a powder or emulsion binder. It is used, thanks to its high flexibility, for the treatment of critical points in combination with Diasen liquid waterproofing products, improving the traction resistance of the waterproofing system on critical and irregular points like chimneys, ventilation cowls, pipe connection and curved surfaces.


  • Easy and quick to apply
  • High traction resistance  along any direction of the stress
  • High flexibility and versatility
  • Easily adaptable to curved surfaces and critical points
  • Compatible with any waterproofing resins present on the market
  • It facilitates the creation of a low thick waterproofing


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