Farmhouse renovation with thermal plaster

Farmhouse renovation with thermal plaster

Company executor

Jorday Contracting Ltd

Time of realization

1 month




United Kingdom

Project Details

A farmhouse undergoing a major renovation in Welltown, Devon was in need of a thermal upgrade. The client specifically wanted to keep the unique look of the internal build with rounded corners, archways and undulating walls.


This particular project was affected heavily by damp so a barrier was applied to the wall to prevent any bridge of efflorescent salts passing through to the finish of the Diathonite. Once the barrier has been applied, 40mm of Diathonite was sprayed on by Jordaya Contracts using a specialist spray machine provided by PFT. This was applied thicker in areas to in keep with the characteristics of the walls and detailing.


  • The durability and flexibility of Diathonite allowed unique detailing patterns to be carried out in the internal envelope of the building
  • Increased thermal protection
  • Increased acoustic protection
  • Quick and easy application


Diathonite was applied quickly to this property using a registered installer using a specialist spray machine - meaning the work could be completed quickly. Diathonite’s natural compounds (cork, clay powders and NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime) produce a plaster with unrivalled thermal properties making it ideal for upgrading the thermal properties of this house.


“Diathonite was applied by our specialist machine to a minimum depth of 40mm but in some cases deeper to achieve the desired look. Upon completion even the main contractor remarked how warm the walls felt just by putting his hand against them” - Sean Denton, Jordaya Contracting