Three component epoxy cement resin, used as waterproofing and vapour barrier before the application of  coatings. 


2 kg/m²

Value referred to the application in at least two coats.
As vapour barrier, with support humidity < 4%, the yield is equal to 1.40 kg/m².
As waterproofing and vapour barrier, with support humidity between 4% and 8%, the yield is equal to 2.00 kg/m².

Tiempo de secado


Value referred to a temperature of 23°C and 50% relative humidity level.



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10 kg plastic bucket.

Three-component epoxy cement waterproofing vapour barrier with high resistance to positive and negative thrust, to be used for the waterproofing of swimming pools, the creation of industrial floorings, screed against the ground, Decorkrete microcement systems and as base in the application of Decork on horizontal and vertical surfaces. The product is formulated with a special epoxy resin (part A), a catalyst (part B) and a special cement (part C).


  • Excellent resistant to negative and positive thrust.
  • Suitable for epoxy, polyurethane or microcement systems. 
  • Ideal for moist concrete floorings. 
  • Excellent consolidating and filling properties. 
  • Suitable for flooring that do not have a vapour barrier, before the application of  Diasen coatings made of resins.
  • Solvent-free product.
  • Multipurpose.


Aspecto: Líquido

Componentes: De tres componentes (A+B+C)

Pot life: 5 hours.

Adhesion to cement surfaces: 1.75 N/mm2.

Adhesion of Decork to Vaposhield: 1.50 N/mm2.

Adhesion of Epokoat Swimming to Vaposhield: 2.00 N/mm2.

Salt resistance: good.

Strong-bases resistance: good.

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