One-component bituminous waterproofing, water based and with high-speed drying. The product can be applied even in conditions of low temperature and high relative humidity, it can be left at sight and it resists to ageing.  


2.0 kg/m²

Tiempo de secado


Value referred to a temperature of 23°C/73.4°F  and 50% relative humidity. 



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Balde de plástico de 5 Kg

Balde de plástico de 20 Kg

One-component, elastomeric bituminous waterproofing, water-based and with high speed drying. The product is ready to use and applicable even in conditions of low temperature or high relative humidity. It is flexible at low temperature and available in different colours.


• Quick waterproofing even in conditions of low temperature or high relative humidity.
• Quick film formation: it resists to washout, fading and corrugation caused by fog or dew after 30 minutes from application.
• Filming of the product proceeds appropriately even at low temperature and high relative humidity conditions, thanks to the particular "smart drying tecnology".
• Flexible at low temperature.
• It can be left at sight.
• UV-rays resistant, resistant to weather conditions, industrial and marine environments.
• Waterproofs with low thickness.
• Provide a joint less and uniform coat, adaptive to complex geometrical shapes of the support.
• Ready to use, easy and quick to apply.
• Multipurpose.
• Solvent free.



Aspecto: Líquido

Componentes: De componente unico

Wash out resistance (up to +5°/ 41°F and up to 98% R.H.): 30 minutes.

Break elongation: 336.20%.

Tensile strength: 1.0 N/mm2.

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