Ultra reflective protective coating, self clearing and photocatalytic.


1.00 kg/m²

Tiempo de secado


Value referred to 20°C and 40% relative humidity. 



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5 kg plastic bucket

20 kg plastic bucket 

Self cleaning and photocatalytic liquid coating formulated with water based synthetic resin and special additives. The product provides phtocatalytic reaction that achieves degradation of airborn pollutants.

Ecoreflex guarantees UV rays reflection, lowering the temperature of the support over which it is applied, favoring a high energy saving for air conditioning. Ready to use and suitable to be applied to horizontal, vertical and sloped surface, it has a good adhesion onto bituminous or slated membranes.



 Excellent de-polluting functionality.

 It contributes to reduce the energetic need for air conditioning during summer, thus favoring energy saving and lowering cities pollution level.

 It reduces Heat Island Effect.

It can be applied to completion of waterproofing systems based on synthetic resins.

High capability to reflect sun rays.

High elasticity both at low and high temperatures.

Excellent weathering resistance.

Excellent re-waterproofing features.

Easy and quick application.


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Isopropanol conversion (simulating smog) with broad spectrum lamp Vitalus-Osram (300W): 80% after 24 hours of radiation

Smoke test (yellowing 15 days + 3 hours of UVB rays): self cleaning

Reflectance: 82%

Thermal emission (E): 90%

Solar Reflex Index (SRI): 103%

Weathering test: 1680 hours

Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles (-15°C/+15°C): unchanged

Bend test: 12 mm - good

Break Elongation: 327%

Adhesion to bitumen membrane (pull off test): > 7,0 MPa - excellent

Adhesion to slated membrane (pull off test): 4,3 MPa - excellent

Adhesion slightly worn bituminous membrane: > 7,0 

Adhesion to galvanized sheet (pull off test): 1,7 MPa 

Adhesion to slate (pull off test): 2,5 MPa

Adhesion to PU panel (pull off test): 1,5 MPa

Break elongation after 1680 hours of weathering test: 166%

Traction resistance after 2000 hours of weathering test: 1,12 N/mm2

Viscosity (Brookfield viscometer DV-E s04, 6 rpm, T= 20°C, U.R. 75%): 24000 mPa s

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