Diacrete SL

Polyurethane screed system with self-sealing finish, 3 – 4 mm thick.


5.7 kg/m²

Value for 3 mm thickness.
Used  for a thickness of 4 mm, yield is 7,60 kg/m2.

Tiempo de secado


Value referred when the product is completely cured.
Walkable after 12 hours.
Suitable for heavy traffic after 24 hours.



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20 kg packing

Four component polyurethane self levelling screed system. It is ideal for food and beverage industry. Smooth matt colored floor finish with high impact and abrasion resistance. Diacrete – SL has also excellent wear and chemical resistance. It is applied by trowel in 3 – 4 mm of thickness.


  • Perfectly smooth surface
  • Continuous surface without joints
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Easy to clean, it does not need maintenance
  • Low odor during installation.


Aspecto: Líquido

Componentes: De cuatro componentes (A+B+C+D)

Compressive strength after 7 days: 60 MPa - N/mm2

Tensile strength: 15 MPa - N/mm2

Flexural strength: 20 MPa - N/mm2

Hardness: 80 - 84 - shore D

Bond strength > 2,5 MPa / N/mm2

Impact resistance  > 140 in/lbs

Water absorption:  0%

Slip resistance dry:  70 Pendulum Slip test

Slip resistance wet:  25 Pendulum Slip test

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