Acriflex X-Pro

Acriflex X-Pro

One-component liquid water-based waterproofing, resistant to water stagnation, walkable and fibre-reinforced.  It boasts excellent mechanical strength, it resists to UV rays and it remains flexible to low temperatures.


2.0 kg/m²

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5 kg plastic bucket.

20 kg plastic bucket. 

One-component fibre-reinforced liquid waterproofing, ready to use, made of elastomeric resins and high elastic modulus fibres, walkable and resistant to water stagnation. The product is easy to apply even by roll and it remains flexible to low temperatures. Acriflex X- Pro is available in different colours and it can be left at sight. It creates a continuous waterproofing even under tiles and under screed. 


  • Special formula, able to lend  to the product high resistance to water stagnation and high elastic modulus. 
  • Fibre-reinforced, it does not need reinforcement armour.
  • Walkable, it can be left at sight. 
  • Tiles can directly be glued on Acriflex X-Pro. 
  • Suitable for under screed waterproofing.
  • Flexible at low temperatures.
  • Crack bridging resistant.
  • It allows to waterproof with low thicknesses.
  • It creates a continuos layer without joints and it can suit to complex support structures. 
  • Ready to use, easy and quick to apply.
  • Resistant to UV- rays, to weathering agents, to industrial and marine environments.
  • Solvent free product.



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