Productos complementarios, maquinaria y equipo para la instalación de los productos Diasen.


Grancork Binder

Natural binder of mineral origin to be used to give resistance and compactness to the cork granulate Grancork. 

Fibercork Bond

High performance resins-based adhesive designed for the bonding of the thermal-acoustic insulating panel Fibercork Pan .

Faster Acriflex Rapido

Accelerating additive specifically created for the waterproofing Acriflex Rapido. It allows to decrease the  the superficial film formation time. 

Diamat Glue

Two component polyurethane adhesive to glue Diamat cushioned mat, used in the Smart System for multipurpose sport courts.

Faster for Ultrabit

Accelerating additive specific for the paste waterproofing Ultrabit. It allows a reduction of the superficial film formation time of the waterproofing.  


High performance concentrated alkaline universal cleaning agent

Faster Ultragum

Accelerating additive, specific for the liquid bituminous waterproofing Ultragum, to decrease the superficial film formation time.

Aditivo CLS

Aditivo para enfoscados de regularización con alta resistencia.