Thermal and acoustic plaster system

External insulating coating for perimetral walls.


  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Brick


  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Realisation of a colored water-repellent and breathable finishing

This system involves the realisation of a thermal-acoustic external coating through the use of Diathonite Evolution, premixed cork-based plaster; Argacem HP, finishing breathable smoother; D20, water based primer; Plasterpaint Colored, breathable and water repellent colored finishing.

System ideal for the insulation both of new and existing buildings, realising an insulating layer, applicable by hand or plaster machine, characterized by an highly waterproofing layer, an excellent breathability and a total water repellence of its colored finishing.

Extremely versatile and efficient solution used for the correction of thermal bridges: in combination with Aquabond adhesion primer, the system can be applied even onto really smooth or non-absorbing supports, and also onto surfaces treated with some kind of form release agents, such as concrete beams and pillars.

Thanks to its polypropylene fibers, the system does not require the use of armors or containing mesh, for thicknesses up to 5 cm. For the realization of higher thickness, it is embedded in the plaster a common protection fiberglass net.

The system can be also used on the internal side of the perimetral walls, in this case applying the smoother Argacem Neutro in spite of Argacem HP, this because it produces a thinner finishing. On the layer of Argacem Neutro it's possible to apply a water-based paint for interiors, tiles or some kind decorative coating.

Key benefits

  • Faster building system: system alternative to the double wall and to solutions based on panels, allowing a consistent saving of manpower and with less working phases.
  • High energy saving: it increases building features to accumulate the heat and then release it slowly, even on periods in which the heating system is turned off.
  • Higher thermal comfort: it keeps constant the internal temperature both on winter and summer, avoiding uncomfortable sensations due to thermal shocks.
  • Condensation absence: it avoids the formation of superficial or interstitial condense, thanks to its high breathability and thermal bridge correction feature.
  • High durability over years: the system guarantees an excellent and constant resistance against weathering agents, frost and thermal shocks.
  • High transpiration;: the system is highly breathable, it doesn't need any steam barier, thus allowing the surface to breath.
  • Buildings in accordance with nature: the system is eco-friendly and not pollutant, both in application and disposal phases.
  • Mechanical resistance: high mechanical resistance that avoids eventual lesions on the insulating layer, caused by shocks or accidenal collisions.
  • For outside, but also for inside: it can be applied even inside as an alternative to the traditional plaster .
  • Protection against cold and warm: the system, thanks to its high thermal conductivity, and considering its higher density if compared to the traditional systems, combines perfectly insulating features both from cold and warm.
  • Surface continuity: thanks to its continuous and uniform application it's possible to avoid walls irregularities, obtaining a perfect wall flatness.
  • Fire resistance: fire resistance certification: class 1
  • Thermal bridges elimination: the system eliminates in a uniform way any thermal bridge, and reduces the possibility of cracks formation during years, unlike the traditional systems based on panels.

Item Specifications

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