Energy requalification system

System for thermal and acoustic insulation and renovation of old buildings.


  • Plaster
  • Brick
  • Stone


  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Energetic renovation
  • Realisation of a colored water-repellent and breathable finishing

This system involves the realisation of a thermal-acoustic external coating through the use of Diathonite Evolution, premixed cork-based plaster; Argacem HP, finishing breathable smoother; D20, water based primer; Plasterpaint Colored, breathable and water repellent colored finishing.

This system is ideal for the energetic efficiency upgrading of existing buildings, because it can be applied on old mansonry walls, and mixed masonry made by bricks or stones. In combination with an adhesion coadjuvant, the system can also be applied onto existing plasters, avoiding, where possible, their demolition and disposal.

The system is characterized by an high waterproofing capacity, an excellent breathability and the complete protection of the finishing coating from rainwater absorption. Its versatility, lightness, resistance, and the combination in a unique system of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and dehumidification features, make it the ideal solution for the renovation and the energetic efficiency upgrading of old buildings.

The system is also suitable for indoor applications: in this case is used Argacem Neutro in spite of Argacem HP, this because it creates a smoother final layer than the second one. Onto Argacem Neutro it's posible to apply a water-based paint for indoor, or otherwise the ceramic tiles or a decorative finishing.


Key benefits

  • It allows to obtain high levels of thickness: the system provides also high thickness layers, in case of intervention on structures characterized by a low thermal resistance.
  • Perfect leveling of vertical walls: the system allows to intervene on non-perfectly leveled walls, restoring perfectly the surface perpendicularity.
  • Combined application: the system can be used also indoor, thus allowing to split up between inside and outside the eventual high thickness required, replacing consequently the costs related to the application of different materials.
  • Anchoring on any kind of surface: the system can be applied on old bricks, stones, mixed brickworks, old plasters and mansonry.
  • Tax benefits: the system allows to obtain tax benefits for recovering and requalification projects, according to local laws.
  • Possibility to intervene on unleveled walls: the system allows to work directly on unleveled or irregular surfaces, avoiding to make an initial bedding, that is a necessary operation in traditional systems.
  • Lower working costs: the system reduces working costs, this becasue it provides both the thermal insulation and the external finishing of the building, and it can be also used as an alternative to the common plasters for internal.
  • Increase of the building commercial value: the recovery of the wall, combined with the energetic efficiency upgrading, improves considerably the building commercial value.

Item Specifications

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