Bituminous waterproofing paint for foundations

Protective waterproofing paint in positive pressure for foundation walls. Alternative to the traditional bituminous membrane.


  • Concrete
  • Cement


  • Waterproofing

This system involves the waterproofing in positive thrust of foundations walls through the use of SBS-gum, a bituminous waterproofing liquid resin.

Applied directly on cement or concrete foundation walls, SBS gum produces a waterproofing coating characterized by an high elasticity, without any welding or joints, that over time could be the access way for water infiltrations.

Once SBS-gum becomes dry, the structure can be covered into the ground. In case of presence of woody trees near the area, we suggest the application of an anti-root protective sheeet.

Key benefits

  • Application by roll or airless
  • Totally cold application
  • No primer needed
  • No weldings or joints
  • Quick drying time
  • Excellent elasticity and crack bridging ability
  • UV rays resistant
  • It doesn't re-emulsify if in contact with water
  • Complete waterproofing up to 5 Atm pressure

Item Specifications

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