Sport Finish PU

Two-component transparent coating, formulated with water-based polyurethane resins, to be used as finishing layer of TENNIS line X-Pro system, for professional tennis courts.


0.2 kg/m²

Value referred to an application in two coats.

Drying time


Value referred to 20°C and 40% of relative humidity.



Part A - 5 kg plastic bucket.
Part B - 1 kg plastic bucket.

Sport Finish PU is a two component transparent finishing coating formulated with water based polyurethane resins. To be used as protecting finishing of professional tennis court systems. The product can claim an high resistance to abrasion and usury. Product suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

It is a product of Professional line – X-Pro system.

Key benefits

High resistance to abrasion and wet areas (stagnation).
Preserve the colour of the underlying surface.
Easy and quick to apply.
Excellent aestethic appearance.
Make easier the cleaning of the support.
Gives shine.
High resistance to thaw cycles and UV rays.
Usable on all Diasen Sport Flooring Systems.
High playing comfort.


Aspect: Liquid

Components: Two-component (A+B)

Pot life: 2 hours (T=20°C - R.H. = 40%).

Waiting time between the 1st and the 2nd coat: 1 - 2 hours (T=20°C - R.H. = 40%).
Resistance to Weathering Test: 1680 hours.
Resistance to bases (ammonia undiluted): good.
Resistance to neutral detergent undiluted: excellent.
Water permeability value: μ = 1932.

Item Specifications

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