Polites 140

Glass-fibre armor with a granulometry of 120 g/m².


1.00 m²/m²

It is recommended to consider at least an overlapping of 3 cm.

Drying time


Drying not needed.


50 x 1 m roll

Glass-fibre armor to be used as mesh for internal and external plasters (Diathonite Evolution, Diathonite Premix, Diathonite Deumix); to prevent cracks formation onto inconsistent supports or caused by eventual substrate structural movements; to improve plasters adhesion on many kind of different materials.

Key benefits

  • Easy and quick application.
  • High resistance to longitudinal and transverse traction.
  • Alkali-resistant.
  • Multipurpose.


Aspect: Roll

Fabric weight: 120 g/m± 5%.

Average thickness fabric: 0.6 mm.

Stitch dimension: 11 x 11 mm.

Stretching on breaking point: 3.5%.

Ultimate tensile stress by traction - warp > 1.466 N/5 cm ± 5%. 

Ultimate tensile stress by traction - texture >1.388 N/5 cm ± 5%.

Loss trough calcination: 16%.

Construction - warp: 18.5 yarns/10 cm ± 5%.

Construction - texture: 10 yarns/10 cm ± 5%.

Item Specifications

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