Diathonite Premix

Diathonite Premix

Premixed plaster to be used for the construction of sound-absorbing coatings, acoustic insulation of facades and partition walls. Composed by cork, clay, diatomeic powders and hydraulic binder.


4.7 kg/m²
Values for 1 cm thickness.

Tolerance: ± 10%.

(2,45 lb/ft2 value for 1 inch thickness)

Drying time


Value referred to a temperature of 20 °C and with relative humidity level of 40%.



20 kg paper bag

Diathonite Premix is a sound-absorbing and acoustic insulating premixed plaster made of cork, clay, diathomeic powders and natural hydraulic lime. Diahtonite Premix is to be used for the acoustic correction of facades and partition walls, for the realization of acoustic sound-absorbing coatings, for the elimination of echo, the elimination of reverberation and the reduction of noises in the rooms.

In addition to the characteristics of sound insulation and sound absorption, Diathonite Premix has good characteristics of thermal insulation.

Key benefits

  • Excellent sound absorption properties: it absorbs 70% of sound wave
  • High breathability
  • Resistant to fire: Euroclass A1
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very fast applicative system (application by pump)
  • It does not crack on brick work beetween supporting pillars
  • Homogeneous correction of thermal bridges
  • Combination of characteristics of thermal insulation, acoustic and dehumidifying, realizing a real system of energetic requalification
  • Insulation against cold and warmth: it is the only product that acts as cold insulation thanks to the cork and as warmth-insulation thanks to the stone


Aspect: Powder

Components: One-component

Sound-absorption: 70%

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.60

Sound Absorption Average (SAA): 0.61

Theoretical soundproofing power (external wall realised with 5 cm Diathonite + 25 cm thermal block + 1,5 cm plaster): Rw = 59,0 dB

Soundproofing power once applied (partition wall realised with 2 cm Diathonite + 25 cm Poroton block + 2 cm Diathonite): R'w ≥ 51,0 dB

Thermal Conductivity: 0,083 W/mK

Thermal resistance: 0,12 m2K/W = 1,738 ft2 °F h/BTU

Breathability: μ=4

Compression resistance: 3,0 N/mm2

Density: 470(±30) kg/m³

Item Specifications

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