Diathonite Thermactive.037

Diathonite Thermactive.037

Cork-based and spray-applied thermal insulation plaster, suitable for façades and indoor applications: composed by natural raw materials, such as cork, natural hydraulic lime, perlite, the material is perfect for new and historic buildings, retrofitting insulation, ceilings and green building.


2.6 kg/m²
Values for 1 cm thickness.

Tolerance: ±20%

Drying time


Value referred to 23°C /73.4°F and 50% of relative humidity. 



15 kg paper bag

Diathonite Thermactive.037 is the most innovative thermal insulation plaster available nowadays: it is a 100% ecological material, made of Mediterranean raw materials, such as cork, diatomaceous earth, natural hydraulic lime NHL5, perlite, pumice stone, silicious filler and fibers.

It ensures a perfect thermal insulation, against cold and heat, for this reason it is a solution which ensures a total protection everyday of the year: its low thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mK does not change over time and its composition turns it into a perfect anti-moisture material: its porosity and its high breathability absorb the rising dampness and release it out of the walls. At the same time, thanks to cork, it remains warm throught time, reducing the energy consumptions during Winter and Summer as well, improving the thermal comfort.

Diathonite Thermactive.037 is the quintessential material which perfectly represent our philosophy of Mediterranean Building and Architecture, resuming construction techniques of the past and materials of typically Mediterranean origin, transforming them into advanced solutions for the future of construction.


Key benefits

  • Perfect insulation against cold and heat
  • Low density
  • Durable and stable system over time
  • Thanks to its high breathability it avoids mould and condensation
  • High porosity
  • It absorbs and releases excessive moisture
  • Ideal for renovation of historic buildings
  • It preserves and protects masonries
  • Ecological material
  • Quick and easy construction system (thermal brick + Diathonite Thermactive.037)
  • Extremely quick application system (spray-applied by plastering machine)
  • It can be applied over existing plasters
  • Reaction to fire: class A1
  • Uninterrupted insulation


Aspect: Powder

Components: One-component

Thermal conductivity: 0.037 W/mK

Thermal resistance: 0.27 m2K/W = 3.898 ft°F h/BTU

Specific heat: 1000 J/kg K = 0.239 kcal/ kg°C

Thermal diffusivity: 0.14 m2/Ms

Breathability: μ = 3

Water absorption: 1.00 kg/m2 h0,5

Compression resistance: 2.8 N/mm2

Flexion resistance: 1.0 N/mm2

Specific weight: 250 ± 15% kg/m3

Fire reaction: Euroclass A1

Item Specifications

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