Epoxy coating

Drying time


This system involves the construction of a low thickness epoxy coating, to use on interior floors.

The system uses Epoxy Primer, an adhesive coadjuvant, that creates a good adhesion bridge for the coating to be applied afterward and that blocks the rising dampness. After the application of the primer it is possible to apply the two-component epoxy coating Epokoat Epoxy Paint.

This material, once dry, provides excellent mechanical strength in a few millimeters of thickness and good resistance to substances such as salts, oils, grease and hydrocarbons. The system can be used for the protective coating of cement floors where there will be the passage of wheeled vehicles including heavy vehicles such as forklifts and lift trucks.

Key benefits

  • Mechanically resistant to heavy vehicles transit
  • Resistant to salt
  • Resistant to non stagnant oils, gas oils and gasoline
  • Easy and quick application
  • Easy to clean