Bituminous smoothing waterproofing , enriched with polystyrene spheres, suitable to waterproof  balconies, terraces and floorings under tiles, and for the thick waterproofing of foundations and concrete structures. 


2.00 l/m²

 Value referred to a thickness of about 2.5mm.

Drying time


 Value referred to a temperature of 20°C/68°F  and 40% relative humidity.



Colors shown are for illustrative purpose.


10 l plastic bucket
25 l plastic bucket

One-component bituminous smoothing waterproofing, ready to use, characterized by the presence of polystyrene spheres that allow a thick application and give to the product an high covering and filling abilities, as well as an excellent workability.

The product can be applied by smooth spatula in just one coat, and it creates a thickness up to 3 mm in one layer. In this way it is possible, in just one coat, to fill and to smooth potential irregularities, cracks and lesions of the support, thus realizing a real waterproofing smoothing coat.

It can be used to waterproof balconies and terraces before the application of tiles, as it is an excellent adhesion bridge for the most common adhesives for tiles. 

It also represents a valid solution for the waterproofing of concrete foundation walls, flower boxes and concrete structures in general. The product is one-component and ready to use and it can be reused even after the opening of the bucket.

Key benefits

  • Tiles can be directly glued on Aquabit by using a good adhesive for outdoor.
  • Applicable in a single layer.
  • Does not require a reinforcement mesh.
  • Excellent filling abilities of support cracks and irregularities.
  • High elasticity.
  • Easy and quick application.
  • Seamless.
  • Totally cold application.
  • It can be applied on cement without primer.
  • It can be applied over already paved surfaces in combination with Grip Primer.
  • LEED accredited.


Aspect: Paste

Components: One-component

Waterproofing in positive pressure: 5 ATM

Crack Bridging Ability: 2 mm

Elasticity: 324.03%

Adhesion of glue for tiles on Aquabit > 7.0 N/mm2

Adhesion on concrete: 0.11 N/mm2.

Adhesion on polystyrene panels: 0.5 N/mm2.

Adhesion on steel: 1.0 N/mm2.

Item Specifications

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