Mesh and non woven fabric

Technologically advaced products for armoring and reinforcing of plasters, screeds and any kind of liquid membranes.

Glass fiber

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Glass-fibre armor for liquid waterproofing systems.

Polites 140

Glass-fibre armor with a granulometry of 120 g/m².

Polites 80

Glass-fibre armor with a granulometry of 80 gr/m².

Polites Mat

Flexible mesh made of chopped strand to be used, in combination with liquid waterproofing, for the treatment of critical points. 

Polites AR 330

 Reinforcement mesh for CRM structural systems.

Non woven fabric

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Safety Joint Roll

Elastic tape for the treatment of connection points between horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

Polites T.N.T.

Geo textile non woven fabric for liquid waterproofing systems.