Heat losses

The realization of any kind of structure must have, as its final goal, the achievement of the building quality in order to live and use its spaces. One of the most important aspect is certainly the thermal comfort of the indoor environments, that can be reached through a correct realization of thermal insulation, to limitate the heat losses.

The heat in fact moves naturally from the areas at high temperature to the areas at a lower temperature. For this reason, during winter season, heat inside our houses tends to move outward, while during summer season heat tends to move inward.

An incorrect thermal insulation may cause:

  • the formation of condensation and mould on the walls;
  • a drop in the superficial temperature of the walls;
  • a drop in the environments temperature;
  • a low living comfort within the rooms;
  • a rising in the costs to heat rooms.

Heat losses can be slowed down and controled using suitable insulative materials that, thanks to their characteristics, do not allow heat dispersion, allowing to have a stable and constant temperature and thus the living comfort.

A well thermal insulated structure allows a considerable costs saving for air conditioning and represents an environment with more comfort and therefore a perceived greater good living.