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Diathonite Evolution - What it is?

Diathonite Evolution is the premixed thermal plaster based on natural hydraulic lime 3.5 e pure cork grains. A natural and eco-friendly product that combines, in a single material, astonishing thermal insulation, humidity control and mechanical features

Energy Saving

Excellent insulation against cold and heat. Keeps walls warm in winter and cool in summer.


Mechanical Strenght

High compression resistance. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, and gives walls strength and resistance.



Diathonite leaves walls free to breathe, balances room humidity, prevents mould and condensation from developing, and contributes to healthy living.



Diathonite is 3 times lighter than traditional plasters. It does not weigh down the structure, limits CO2 emissions during transport and waste production.



Ten times more elastic than traditional plasters; reduces the risk of cracks.


Protection from fire

Diathonite does not burn and does not emit smoke. Class A2 fire resistant.


Eco-compatible product

Diathonite is a completely natural product, and its use contributes to LEED credits.


Acoustic properties

Thanks to cork and its porous structure, Diathonite contributes to sound absorption and acoustic insulation.


Humidity control

The diatomaceous earth contribute to the hygrometric balance of rooms, giving maximum living comfort.


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