Diasen's decorative products is the perfect solution to obtain a surface finish continuous and innovative, able to makes unique any single ambient.

Solutions proposed of Decorative line allow to realize coatings and finishes with highly versatile both indoors and outdoors, on horizontal and vertical surfaces, without joints and seams. Ecological and high-performance products, suitable on many types of materials and surfaces, such as plasterboard walls or masonry, stairs, bathrooms or shower boxes.

It is possible to obtain shiny or matte effects, in rustic or modern appearance, and realize decorative inserts in many colors. For unique finishes, personalized and with great esthetic impact.

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Micro-cement coating with high workability, to create different aesthetic effects on walls or floorings, both indoor and outdoor. 


Decorative coating made of cork and water based resins, with high thermal insulating properties, breathable and water repellent. Eco-friendly product designed to create decorative effects on walls, ceiling and floors.


Acrylic resin designed to create decorative effects, in combination with the coating Decork. Not- toxic and eco friendly product, suitable for internal or external environments.