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Diathonite Evolution - One System, infinite solutions

1. Substrates

Diathonite Evolution can be directly applied, without any primer, on to different kind of substrates, such as: A) New Bricks - B) Existing Bricks - C) Existing Plasters - D) Stones - E) Cork Panels - F) Natural Fiber Panels


AQUABOND - Universal Primer for Plasters, is needed in case of application on to particular substrates, such as G) Concrete - H) Plasterboard - I) Wood - J) Synthetic Panels. The primer AQUABOND guarantee the perfect adhesion of Diathonite Evolution on to the substrates


2. Plaster reinforcing mesh. When should it be used?

Diathonite Evolution is a fibre-reinforced plaster and, in most cases, does not require a plaster retaining mesh. However, the use of POLITES 140 fibreglass mesh is recommended for some applications:

- Applications on to ceilings

- Applications on wooden prefabricated structures

- Applications on to panels, whether synthetic or natural

- For thickness greater than 6 cm

- Joints between two different masonry elements (pillar/cladding)

3. Skim coats

Diathonite Evolution is skimmed by using highly breathable Argacem skim coats, which are available in different granulometry according to the desired finish. All Argacem skim coats are totally compatible with Diathonite Evolution and can be applied both externally and internally.


 - ARGACEM HP - Granulometry: 0 - 0,9 mm

 - ARGACEM MP - Granulometry: 0 - 0,5 mm

 - ARGACEM ULTRAFINE - Granulometry: 0 - 0,1 mm

3. Coloured finishing

For external applications, Diathonite Evolution must be finished by using water-repellent and breathable materials:

- DIATHONITE CORK RENDER - Granulometry: 0 - 1 mm

- PLASTERPAINT COLOURED - Granulometry: 0,06 - 0,1 mm or 0,06 - 0,6 mm

- ARGACEM COLOURED - Granulometry: 0 - 1 mm


For internal applications, Diathonite Evolution is finished using paints that maintain the breathable qualities of the plaster:

- C.W.C. Stop Condense Anti-mould Paint - Smooth Finish

- LIMEPAINT - Water-based lime paint - Smooth Finish




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