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Diathonite Screed - The Application

Phase 1 - Mixing

 Mix the product in a concrete mixter after added the right water amount as stated in the technical data sheet.


Phase 2 - Creation of reference bands

Use Diathonite Screed to create reference bands for the total thickness.



Fase 3 - Application of screed

Apply Diathonite Screed directly onto the substrate.



Phase 4 - Smoothing

Use a traditional straightedge to smooth the screed, using the previously made bands as reference.


Phase 5 - Rifinitura

Finish the surface with a plasterer's trowel before the application of the paving material.


Phase 6 - Application of tile

Apply the paving material or the waterproofing system once the screed is completely dry.


Reinforcement mesh. When is it needed?

Diathontie Screed is a fiber reinforced product. However sometimes we recommend the use of a thermo welded galvanized metal or polipropilene mesh, 2 mm thick and mesh 5x5 cm. The mesh must be used when the screed is applied:

- to allocate pipework;

- onto wood, steel or insulation panels;

- onto Grancork granulate.

Adhesion primer?

If applied onto wood or steel it is necessary to apply Aquabond primer to improve bonding. If applied onto ground floor slab or in case of rising damp it is necessary to apply Watsop.


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