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Diathonite Screed - Application Fields

Thanks to its features, Diathonite Screed is suitable for differents application fields. It could be used both for internal or external application, and it is an ideal solution for thermal and acoustic insulation of floors and roofs. Used in combination with Diafon Mat, it is a suitable solution for impact sound insulation.




Impact sound insulation

The typical example of impact transmission is the sound of footsteps in a room being heard in a room below. Acoustic control measures to eliminate transmission usually include the insulation of the source of the impact, applying a resilient mat between the floor and the screed, to disconnect the bearing structure from the floor, preventing the transmission of vibration.

Diafon is a soundproofing mat that, used in combination with Diathonite Screed, effectively insulates footfall noise, creating a "floating floor".



CE mark of Screed

Since August 1st, 2004 a new European Regulation has entered into force. This regulation sets the minimum performances of materials used as screed. UNI EN 13813 establishes that:

  • Compression Resistance must be equal or greater that 5 N/mm2
  • Bending Resistance must be equal or greater that 1 N/mm2
  • Thermal conductivity must be declared whenever the screed is used for thermal insulation.

Another obligation is about the labelling of each single bag, that must state the minimum performances required by UNI EN 13813. The absence of this label means the non compliance of the needed requirement and thus the non conformity of the material to be used as screed.


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