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Diathonite Evolution: New buildings

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Thermal insulation is an essential aspect to guarantee energy saving and high living comfort of buildings. In this system the insulation material is applied to the whole outer surface of the building, just like a protective coating on the entire structure.

Diathonite Evolution, a cork-based thermal plaster, enables you to easily and naturally create naturally high-performance thermal insulation.


Thermal insulation "365 days" a year

Insulation from heat and from cold are two different things. Diathonite guarantees maximum insulation both in summer and winter.

Breathable insulation

High breathability enables the walls to breathe, thus making your internal rooms healthy and hygrometrically comfortable.

Elastic and tough

Unlike dry systems, the mechanical strength and elasticity of Diathonite prevents cracking.

For external as well as internal use

It can also be applied indoors, solidifying the walls as only plastered walls can.

Protection from fire

Diathonite Evolution is classified Euroclass A1: it does not burn and does not emit smoke.

Fast application

Diathonite is applied in the same way as traditional plaster, does not require specialized workmanship, and simplifies construction activities.

Suitable for any type of structure

Diathonite is versatile and can be applied to different types of substrates and structures.

Eco-compatible solution

Diathonite is an eco-compatible product that contains natural raw materials.

Hygrometric balance

It acts as a hygrometric lung: it regulates humidity and prevents condensation from developing, keeping rooms comfortable in every season.

Humidity control

It removes humidity from the walls. Its insulating capacity remains constant and it prevents rising damp problems.




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