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Diathonite Evolution - Use in internal areas

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When it is impossible to intervene externally, the only way to apply the insulation is on the internal side of the walls. Internal insulation requires resistant materials, that do not excessively reduce the cubic volume of the rooms and have good hygroscopic features to prevent humidity problems.

Thanks to its mechanical strength, breathability, and hygroscopic capacity, Diathonite Evolution is the best solution for internal applications, for both renovations and new buildings.


Hygrometric balance

Diathonite contributes to balancing room humidity, thus guaranteeing maximum living comfort in every season.


Ceiling applications

Diathonite can also be used on ceilings and soffits, even with shaped structural forms such as vaults and domes.


Option for partial interventions

Like in the case of blocks of flats, internal thermal insulation enables you to insulate individual flats.


Compressive strength

The compressive strength of Diathonite is comparable with a traditional plaster hence appliances or tiles can be fixed on the insulated walls.


Saving on floor area

Diathonite does not require any dry linings or special coatings, therefore, the rooms are not reduced in size.


Compatible with any kind of furnishing

An internal wall plastered with Diathonite allows any type of furnishing such as shelves, pictures, spotlights, etc. to be fixed to it.


Walls are free to breathe

The high breathability that distinguishes Diathonite enables walls to breathe, it eliminates the need of vapour barriers as it is not affected by interstitial condensation, and prevents mould and condensation from developing.


Suitable for any type of structure

Diathonite adapts itself perfectly to surface applications of any shape and geometry, thus maintaining the original room features.


Contributes to acoustic comfort

Diathonite is also distinguished by its acoustic insulation and sound-absorbing capacity and thus contributes to acoustic comfort in rooms.


Rapid achievement of thermal comfort

An internal room insulated with Diathonite rapidly reaches thermal comfort: it is an ideal solution for rooms that are sporadically used.



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