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Diathonite Evolution: Renovation of historic buildings

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The renovation of older structures often presents this kind of issues: solid walls without thermal insulation, irregular walls and made of different materials, widespread rising damp. Insulating in such situations requires a proper evaluation of the system that is best suited for the structure's characteristics.

Diathonite Evolution meets all renovation requirements thanks to its ability to combine its insulation capacity with its dehumidifying action.


Home energy retrofit and humidity restoration


Diathonite Evolution couples its thermal insulating function with a dehumidifying action, thus enabling total restoration of the structure.


Breathability and hygrometric balance

It functions as a hygrometric lung: it regulates humidity and prevents condensation from developing, keeping rooms comfortable in every season./p>


Compatibility with old plasters

Diathonite Evolution is perfectly compatible with existing plasters: it can be applied to bricks, stone and mixed wall substrates.


Levelling of walls

Diathonite enables you to work directly on uneven masonry: restores smoothness of the walls by creating a continuous, uniform layer.


Prevention of cracks

The continuity of the insulating layer, together with the elastic feature that distinguishes Diathonite, contributes to preventing cracks from forming.


Combined application

Diathonite thickness can be divided between the outside and inside: its high mechanical strength makes the walls strong and solid.


Simplified application

Compared to dry insulating systems, applying Diathonite in renovation works is easier, thus significantly decreasing application costs.


Compatible with historic renovation

Diathonite is a natural hydraulic lime based (3.5 NHL) plaster and, for this reason, is compatible with historic restoration works.


Eco-compatible solution

Diathonite is a product that contains natural raw materials, and is thus in line with green building criteria.


Total wall protection

Besides contributing to energy requalification of walls, Diathonite protects against rainwater absorption.




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