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Diathonite Evolution - The Application

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  • Hand Application

    Hand Application

  • Spray Application

    Spray Application

Hand Application

Diathonite Evolution is a pre-mixed product, and hand application does not differ from conventional pre-mixed plaster. After mixing the material with water in a cement mixer or by using a mixer drill, the product is applied with a trowel directly onto the substrate.


Spray application

Diathonite Evolution can also be applied by using a plastering pump for pre-mixed materials. Spray application can be used for large surfaces, much faster than manual application.


Simple and traditional application
Diathonite Evolution is applied in the same way as traditional plasters: application does not require specialised labour.

Cost effective application
Applying Diathonite Evolution is much more cost effective than dry insulating systems.

Less probability of errors
Since it is a conventional application, it is rather difficult for the installer to make errors.

Continuity of the insulating layer
Diathonite creates a continuous, uniform layer that protects the entire wall, without joints or critical areas that could develop cracks.

Perfect adhesion to the substrate
Diathonite adheres perfectly to the substrate without leaving any gaps that could encourage the formation of interstitial condensation over time.

Masonry smoothing
Diathonite penetrates well into mortar joints and irregularities of old masonry walls.

Option to divide the thickness
The overall thickness of the insulating layer can be divided between the internal and external walls, as per requirements.

Suitable for any type of structure
Diathonite Evolution adapts perfectly to any type or structure of walls.

Clean and safe application
Thanks to its recycled and recyclable paper bag, Diathonite Evolution minimises on-site waste production.





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