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Diathonite Evolution - Application on to old plaster

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The external façade of a building is surely the part that most affects the general appearance of the structure. However, besides the aesthetic aspect, proper restoration must also keep the functional properties in mind.

Diathonite Evolution is ideal for applications on to old plaster, thus providing the structure with aesthetic and functional restoration. Thanks to the spray application, Diathonite Evolution adapts to the characteristic geometry of the façade.


Strong and elastic

Diathonite is solid and resistant; its elasticity prevents cracking.


Adaptable to any structure

Diathonite easily adapts to any shape and structure, keeping the original characteristics of each surface.


Aesthetic and functional restoration

Diathonite has mechanical strength than can be compared to traditional plaster: it makes the walls solid and resistant.


Application on to any type of external plaster/render

Diathonite can be applied on to any type of old plaster, in combination with Aquabond universal primer for plasters.


Humidity restoration

Unlike traditional dry systems, Diathonite is able to eliminate any rising damp, preventing all problems linked to damp walls.


Quick and cost effective application

Diathonite is applied in the same way as traditional plasters, eliminates the expense of the removal of the old plaster, does not require specialised installers, and limits the probability of errors.





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