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Diathonite Deumix - The light dehumidifier

Diathonite Deumix is a plaster formulated with pure cork using controlled and selected grain size. For this reason Diathonite Deumix has a density, and thus a coverage, that is three times lower than traditional plasters, which makes it a solution that is 3 times smarter.


During transportation

One bag of Diathonite Deumix covers 2.5 m2 of wall. Transportation costs are lower compared to a traditional plaster. Lower shipment cost of material and lower CO2 emissions from transportation.


In the Warehouse

Diathonite Deumix occupies three times less space in the warehouse, optimising storage methods. In addition, Diathonite Deumix is easy to offer: just one product for all wall types with a coverage that is easy to calculate.


At the construction site

Dehumidifying with Diathonite Deumix requires 3 times less material. It simplifies all construction activities: handling, lifting and storage. Diathonite Deumix lowers waste production at the construction site, thanks to the completely recyclable bag.

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