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Diathonite Deumix - How does it work

Diasen dehumidifying system, thanks to the special characteristics of the materials used, can permanently solve any problem related to the presence of moisture in the walls. Rather than encapsulating moisture within the wall, Diasen system is fully breathable and hygroscopic hence it is able to absorb and release moisture without being damaged.


1. Drying the walls

Moisture present inside the masonry, coming into contact with the dehumidifying system is rapidly absorbed and transported outwards. This is the beginning of the drying out process which continues over time. The integrity of the system remains unchanged thanks to the porosity of the material.

2. Protection from salts

Diathonite Rinzaffo effectively blocks the passage of salts, only allowing the penetration of moisture. As a result of osmosis, the salts are reabsorbed by the masonry, thus preventing the saturation of the porosity of the plaster.

3. Evaporation of moisture

The combined action of the porous structure, the high breathability and the fast capillary absorbency of Diathonite Deumix guarantess the dehumidification of the wall.

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