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Diacrete - Agricultural, Food & Beverage Industry and Commercial Kitchens

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In the agricultural and food industry, as in professional kitchens of hotels and big structures, it is necessary to be compliant with the highest quality, safety and hygienic standard.

Organic substances such as oils, fats and blood can stain the floorings, creating a favourable environment for mould and microorganism growth.

Meat processing operations create even more stress to flooring, for this reason every contaminating substance which can undermine the food quality must be quickly cleaned and eliminated.

A flooring made by Diacrete fulfills the strictest health and hygiene standards: it has no joint in order to offer a continuous flooring easy to clean; it is completely waterproof in order to avoid the absorption of whatever substance, thus granting the highest standard of hygiene and cleaning; it has an excellent mechanical resistance to face the most challenging stress and grant a long-lasting and constant surface.

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