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Diacrete - Features and Benefits

Abrasion and impact resistant

Diacrete guarantees high mechanical resistance: it resists to shocks and continuous heavy vehicles traffic.

Chemical resistant

Thanks to its high resistance to aggressive chemical agents, both basic and acid, Diacrete is suitable for the prolonged contact with substances as solvents, cleaning products, hydrocarbons, acids, technical waters.

Thermal shock resistant

Diacrete does not alter if in contact with temperature from -45°C to + 120°C, and for this reason it can be used in places with critical temperatures as refrigerating rooms and dryers.

Durable and stable

Thanks to its high resistance, Diacrete is a definite and long-lasting solution for flooring, which grants constant and stable performances during the years and significantly reduce the maintenance operation.

Fast application

Diacrete distinguishes for its short application time: no need to stop the production processes. it can be applied during the closing days or during the night. It is the ideal solution for the renovation of existing flooring.

Seamless and easy to clean

Diacrete flooring has no joints or expantion joints and it grants no water absorption: it is fast and easy to clean, and it is also possible to use vapour cleaning in order to reach the highest level of hygiene.

Anti slip

Diacrete offers a non-slip surface, also in case of ponding water or other liquids. This ensures the highest safety for your workforce.

Cures under damp surface

Diacrete can be applied on cement, concrete, wood, metal surfaces and over tiles. It is the ideal solution for new floorings or for the renovation of the existing ones.

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