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Aquabit - Techinical Data



Maximum elasticity to avoid cracks and lesions.




Waterproofing to positive pressure

Total protection from water in any condition.




Crack Bridging Ability

Effective also on possible cracks created after the application of Aquabit.




High thickness in just one coat

With Aquabit it is possible to perfectly waterproof also the most irregular supports.




Glue for tiles adhesion to Aquabit

Excellent adhesion of any glue for tiles.




Salt resistance

Aquabit does not show alterations even if in continuous contact with salt water..


LEED® - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Aquabit is an eco-friendly product, because it is formulated with non dangerous material for the environment and safe for human health, both during application and after its complete curing. For these reasons, it contribues to obtain LEED credits according to Green Building Council certification protocols.


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