Unique, lightweight, porous, elastic and weather-resistant. Cork is the precious raw material of the eco-friendly plasters of the Diathonite line. A product with excellent thermal properties, dehumidifying, insulating and durability over time (in cold, hot or in saline environments). All the Diathonite materials have a centenary longevity such as diatomaceous powders, clay and hydraulic lime.

Discover the uniqueness of the Diathonite line products cork based:
Diathonite Thermactive.037, the only spray- cork based coating for thermal insulation in summer and in winter , Diathonite Evolution ideal for thermal insulation and energy rehabilitation,  Diathonite Acoustix perfect for acoustic insulation and sound absorption, Diathonite Deumix + , thermal,  dehumidifying anti – saline plaster, strategic for the restoration of the masonry characterized by capillary rising damp, Diathonite Screed, premixed compound for the realization of thermal lightened screeds.