Diathonite Acoustix - Prestigious References

Diathonite Acoustix, the sound-absorbing acoustic insulating plaster made of lime and cork, is  the protagonist of important and prestigious international references.

Diathonite Acoustix is the answer that Diasen provides to meet the demands of sound-absorbing and noise reduction. A premixed plaster made of lime and clay, able to absorb up to 70% of the affecting sound wave and reflecting towards the environment only 30%.

A suitable solution to eliminate efficiently all the problems of echoes, reverbs and rumbles in large environments, such as theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, but also restaurants, schools, offices etc ... etc ..

Thanks to its performance characteristics Diathonite Acoustix was choosed and utilized in important and prestigious national and international projects.

Below we propose a list of some between the most prestigious references in which was used Diathonite Acoustix - The sound-absorbing plaster.