Diasen Sport Solutions

Download the new brochure dedicated to Diasen Sport Flooring Systems and find out all the systems for professional tennis courts, multipurpose playing surfaces, cycle paths and walkable areas.

Diasen sport surfaces are composed of 100% water based acrylic resins. The systems are suitable both indoor and outdoor and for many different kind of sports: from tennis, also at professional level, to basketball, volleyball and football.

Diasen sport flooring systems can be applied onto asphalt and cement, thanks to a damp barrier primer. All the systems of the Sport Flooring Lines are easy to install, they do not need maintenance and are resistant to abrasion, wear and weathering.

Diasen sport floorings are studied and developed to ensure:

  • excellent playing comfort,
  • safety thanks to their anti slip properties,
  • perfect ball bouncing,
  • durability and no maintenance needed,
  • resistance to weathering

Download the brochure and find out more about Diasen Sport Flooring Systems!