Diasen obtains EPD Environmental Certification

Diasen obtains EPD Certification on the plaster line Diathonite, this is an environmental product certification quality assurance and respect for the environment. 

Diasen is the first company in Italy to obtain the EPD certification on its range of premixed plasters: the Diathonite line.

EPD Certification is an environmental product certification quality assurance and respect for the environment, also known as type III labeling, which analyses and guarantees publicly each “life cycle” (Life Cycle Assessment) stage and each environmental impact resulting from the use of the product itself.

“This is a very important result in a socio – economic context of continuous change, where green issues are becoming more and more current”, said Diego Mingarelli (Diasen srl’s CEO) after obtaining the prestigious certification. The interview concludes with the following statement: “getting EPD certification allows us once again to ensure totally and transparency the quality of our solution which respect people and the environment”.

In fact, the document allows for a precise traceability of the product life cycle from raw material extraction to final output.

It describes accurately the environmental impacts associated with the production of a specific product quantity: for example, energy and raw materials consumption, waste production, atmospheric emissions and water discharges. In the case of Diasen, the production processes of the following premixed cork based plasters were analyzed: Diathonite Evolution, Diathonite Deumix and Diathonite Acoustix.

The analysis and the procedural process to obtain EPD environmental product certification were carried out by independent third parties: Studio Botta & Associati Srl and the Studio ICA. Compliance with UNI EN ISO 14040 and product category rules (PCR) certify product quality, EPD certification is public on the Program Operator website where is carried out the process of analysis and validation.

In fact, since 1985, Diasen's mission is to do business by recognizing the existing heritage, harmonizing the living spaces, thinking, developing and guaranteeing products that are safe for humans and in balance with the environment which hosts them, bringing around the world solutions that combine high technological content with respect for future generations.

Find out the official documentation on Environdec's website.