Diasen's Development

Diasen is an Italian company in the sector of sustainable construction materials. It was founded in 1985 in Sassoferrato by Mr Floriano Mingarelli, a forerunner in the field of chemical engineering. It is now headed by his son Diego, who has been able to utilise at its best his father’s inheritance and intuition. Foreseeing the inevitable changes due to occur in the construction industry, Diego has directed his manufacturing choices towards more innovative products, with a lower environmental impact, without compromising their high standard and technological qualities.

Nowadays at Diasen we manufacture thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofings, coatings for public, residential and industrial buildings, as well as sport facilities.

All our products are characterised by outstanding performance and green credentials. Our brand is synonymous of Guarantee, Innovation and Premium Quality, in Italy as in the rest of the World. A dynamic reality, in continuous evolvement, shared by its young employees, whose average age is 32 years, and substantiated by its investment in R&D, which in 2014 has been over 5% of its growing profits.