Diathonite Deumix+

Diathonite Deumix+

Eco friendly and thermal plaster which combines in one product the properties of a dehumidifying plaster and an anti – saline regularization layer. Diathonite Deumix+, composed by natural raw materials, is studied for the restoration of masonry characterized by capillary rising damp.


4.4 kg/m²
Werte bezogen auf eine 1 cm Dicke.

Tolerance: ± 10%.

(2,29 lb/ft2 value for 1 inch thickness).



Value referred to a temperature of 23°C/73.4°F and 50 relative humidity level.



Die angezeigten Farben sind zu illustrativen Zwecken.


20 kg paper bag.

Lightweight macroporous plaster suitable for dehumidification works and for any kind of salinity. The product is composed by natural materials as cork (granulometry 0 – 3 mm / 0 – 0.12 in), clay, natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 and special additives which improve the adhesion and breathability of the product. Its macroporosity structure is able to receive the salts present in the masonry and allow water to evaporate.


  • High porosity.
  • Excellent breathability.
  • Good reaction to fire: class A1. It does not burn and does not smoke.
  • Applicable to any kind of wet masonry, by hand or plaster machine.
  • Excellent water repellent properties.
  • Thanks to its low thermal conductivity it limits superficial and interstitial condensation, contributing to the thermal insulation of the wall.
  • It respects the thermal-hygrometric equilibrium of the support.
  • Perfect compatibility with mineral lime and silicate finishing.
  • Eco-friendly.


Aussehen: Pulver

Bestandteile: Einkomponentig

Breathability: μ=4

Capillary water absorption (90 minutes): category W0.

Total porosity of hardened mortar: 71,64%

Thermal conductivity: 0,080 W/mK.

Thermal resistance: 0,125 m2K/W = 1,803 ft2 °F h/BTU.

Resistance to compression: 3,11 N/mm².

Fire resistance: class A1.

Density: 450 (±10%) kg/m³.


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