Barn conversion project using thermal plaster

Barn conversion project using thermal plaster

Company executor

Jordaya Contracting Ltd


Village House Ltd

Time of realization

1 month




United Kingdom

Project Details

A farm complex in Peterborough was being renovated into living accommodation. This consisted of one derelict farm house and two barns with an overall footprint of 2,700 sq ft. The project’s needs and constraints created a requirement for a vast improvement of the insulative properties of the building whilst maintaining a high level of breathability. In addition to this, the client requested that the finish should be able to adapt to the characteristics and deviations of the building so as not to take away the property’s historic façade.


To overcome the property’s constraints and to achieve the client’s needs it was specified that the internal envelope of the building would require a 40mm coat of Diathonite with a lime putty finish. First of all, the derelict buildings required a tentative preparation of the substrate to remove all friable material. Once the substrate was in an acceptable state, a splatter coat was applied. Following this, a consistent 40mm coat of Diathonite was sprayed onto the wall by Jordaya Contracts using a specialist spray machine. The Diathonite was then finished with a lime putty.


The Building Control Inspectors and Planning Conservation Officers were all highly impressed by the Diathonite application. The first property is now occupied. It is a very sizeable space, at over 2,700 square feet, and is centrally heated by an oil fired boiler. The oil cost from November to March - incorporating a historically cold winter - was only £500.00. This figure was largely due to the fantastic thermal qualities of Diathonite.