Aquabit - Undertile waterproofing of a balcony

Aquabit - Undertile waterproofing of a balcony

This video shows the steps and application method of the waterproofing system for balconies and terraces to be paved. The system uses Aquabit, a bituminous waterproofing paste, and Safety Joint Top, a butilic waterproofing band to treat horizontal/vertical joints.

After an accurate cleaning of the support, to completely remove dust and detaching elements, Safety Joint Top band was glued over joints between floor and walls. Subsequently it was applied Aquabit, starting from the previously  treated points with Safety Joint Top, and then applying Aquabit over the entire surface of the balcony.

Aquabit was applied directly over the cement support using a smooth spatula: in this way, as for another smoother, it is possible to apply Aquabit uniformly over the entire surface, allowing the material to penetrate into the irregularities of the support and thus to seal and waterproof them.

Aquabit needs only one coat application, that it is sufficient to realize a thickness up to 5 mm.

Once the material was dry, tiles were applied using a traditional glue for tiles.