A wonderful villa in the heart of the Mediterranean

A wonderful villa in the heart of the Mediterranean

Time of realization

4 mounths





Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a crossroad of cultures and traditions that are also reflected in the architecture of the buildings. Malta is also a land of luxury real estate investments, thanks to the tourist offer and the beautiful beaches and views it offers. Diasen is the protagonist of many examples of renovations and new works, such as this beautiful villa that directly overlooks the Mediterranean: a new construction totally realized with Diasen solutions, which fully reflect the parameters of Mediterranean Building. The walls have been coated with the dehumidifying thermal plaster Diathonite Deumix+, made of cork and natural hydraulic lime, to guarantee total protection from rising damp, in order to prevent any type of potential future problem. The plaster was subsequently coated with the Argatherm lime-based thermal skim coat smoother, in order to enhance the insulation and finally the innovative cork-based coating Decork Alfareflex was used which in addition to high elasticity and winter heat capacity, allows to guarantee excellent summer thermal comfort, thanks to the ultra-reflective capacity of the material.
Summertime comfort is extremely important in this case, considering the geographical position and therefore the annual climate of the island. The Diasen system thus made it possible to minimize the energy consumption of the splendid villa and to improve the indoor air quality and thermal comfort.